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Preview 17Aug 5.30pm

PVAF members Kyra Clegg, Fanny Lam Christie, Su Grierson and Martine Foltier Pugh are turning Hopetoun House into a house of arts with sculptures, artist books, collages, drawings, video and sound work in the exhibition Heartwood@Hopetoun.

They have installed artworks throughout the house, grounds and in the new art gallery. The exhibition runs from Thursday 17 Aug until Sunday 24 Sept, 2017.

This is their seventh Heartwood exhibition in Scotland.

Kyra’s installations respond to the twofold idea of space as being both private and public in Hopetoun House.Fanny investigates the connections with nature in their architecture and surrounding grounds. Su presents the theme of Visible-Invisible, with works relating to degradation damage, restoration and conservation of objects and materials, while Martine has created a series of alternative books in the library.

The exhibition gallery is free of charge and will include images and details of installations within the house. Ticket to house and grounds is available from their ticket kiosk or by phone 0131 331 3451.Parking is free.The house is open daily 10.30am – 5pm with the last entry at 4pm.Address:Hopetoun House, South Queensferry, Edinburgh (Directions:For navigation,please use postcode

EH30 9RW and Shore Road leading to main entrance)

The preview event is on Thursday 17 August,5.30 – 8pm. PVAF members are warmly invited to join.Last entry to the house is 6.30pm and free during the preview. Refreshments are in the art gallery.

Remains in the landscape


Pauline McGee and Clare Yarrington

This exhibition explores the cycle of creation and destruction evident in the landscape. Pauline and Clare are fascinated by the striking visual remains of man-made structures that are slowly being reclaimed by the natural world and by the formations of nature that are continually being shaped by the elements.

On show will be a range of work such as drawings of Nairn Viaduct and Wester Ross hut circles and mixed media pieces inspired by the dry stone walls of Glen Isla and prehistoric standing stones. 2017 is the Scottish Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology and this exhibition highlights some of the wonderful sites in Scotland such as the West Lothian prehistoric burial site of Cairnpapple Hill. In addition both Clare and Pauline have made new works for the Line Gallery exhibition inspired by nearby Cockleroy Hill.

“The dynamic, ever-changing remains in the landscape captures both our imaginations. While we both like to experience the landscape first hand through walking and climbing, our distinctive backgrounds and artistic practices mean that we interpret these experiences in different ways”

Please join us for an exhibition preview from 2.00 to 4.00 pm on Saturday August 5th. Everyone will be very welcome

For more information see 

Traces on the Telly - PVAF Exhibition


The PVAF exhibition Traces at the Fair Maids House was featured on STV News on Monday 27th. This was to showcase Platform but we were the main focus. Georgia Crook was also featured in the segment with her tree sculpture at AK Bell Library.
Our committee member Dylan Gibson did the speaking honours and the volunteers, artists Lada Wilson and Christine Goodman (shown) feature getting work onto the screens.
This is the LINK and slide to the 13.00 minute mark. Our local papers do not seem to have shown an interest unfortunately.
We had an excellent and well attended opening with the deputy Provost Bob Band to officially open the exhibition. The exhibition itself is getting great feedback, people finding the work exciting and thought provoking. We are also getting people wishing to become PVAF members, hopefully some new committee members also.
A big thank you to the numerous setting up volunteers and volunteer invigilators who have made this all happen. Also to Anne Daniel of the RSGS who has been so welcoming and helpful.

screen grab from stv, Dylan Gibson © pvafscreen grab from stv, pvaf volunteers © pvaf

screen grab from stv, pvaf voluntee © pvaf

screen grab from stv, pvaf pictures © pvaf

Kay Hood Exhibition ~ Edinburgh


Exhibition of work by Kay Hood at Art and Vintage, 3 Lyne Street, Edinburgh from 7th March to 6th April.

painting © Kay Hood

TRACEs ~ PVAF Members Exhibition


PVAF Traces exhibition.
Royal Scottish Geographical Society. Lord John Murray House (Fair Maids House). 15-19 North Port. Perth. PH1 5LU.

poster for pvaf traces exhibition © pvaf 2017

On the Ground ~ Video art and Landscape


As part of the Platform Festival, please join us for a lunchtime event at Perth Museum and Art Gallery on Monday 27th March 12.30 - 1.30pm

There will be a short introduction in the lecture theatre when Rhona Rodger, Senior Collections O icer at the Museum will introduce three well known landscape paintings from the Permanent Collection explaining how they related to the social and rural concepts of their day. Su Grierson guest curator of the video exhibition ‘On The Ground’ will follow by giving her reasons for selecting the works in the show and how they relate to many of today’s concerns for landscape. Moving on to Gallery 3 there will be informal questions and discussion while viewing the works.
Wine, soft drinks and nibbles will be served.

RSVP by Friday 24th March to Full the full Platform Festival line up please visit

on the ground

Mary Golden - Walking the Moor Exhibition


© Mary Golden‘Walking the Moor, zooming out – zooming in’

An exhibition of new drawings and paintings currently installed at the Small Gallery, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.
2nd March - 14th April.

I have recently been drawn into what is found underfoot when walking through Glencoe and on other Scottish moorland, looking at the remarkable diversity of flora which creates its own intricate and detailed landscape. I have been creating paintings and drawings of this as a contrast to the large landscapes these habitats are found in and I aim to express elements of both a broad landscape range and the close-up world of the moor habitat itself.
Mary Golden

© Mary Golden

© Mary Golden

Darkness Reflected - a review


Darkness Reflected

An exhibition by Christine Partridge & George Logan

I experienced a whole array of emotions while viewing this exhibition. It was moving, challenging, discomforting, stimulating and thought provoking. Consisting of paintings, sculpture, poetry, photography and film there is a lot to see which warrants time to wander, question personal response and make time to speak with the artists.

There are of course personal and political aspects to this work. In 2015 Chris Partridge experienced distressing changes and deterioration to her eyesight resulting in a series of scans and tests to determine the cause. While fear of potential loss of sight was foremost in her mind, finding ways to process feelings and make sense of the experience led her to this whole new body of work.

Based on original eye scans the art work takes on surreal abstract shapes. Paintings invite us to look but not touch as the surface is literally barred by interwoven barbed wire tinged with red paint. Barbed wire is also formed into small complex sculptural pieces which are both beautiful and unsettling to look at.

patriothall video installation © Logan and Partridge

George Logan a photographer and film maker deals with a different aspect of vision, ‘eyes as windows to the soul’ with particular emphasis on the experience of First World War soldiers, Black Watch Regiment. George presents a series of photographs showing just one eye of individual soldiers. It’s uncomfortable to look directly at these images. Some are grainy, others staring wide open, some with eyes half closed. It’s difficult to imagine what these soldiers witnessed and what horrors they stored away. However as we in turn witness the soldiers it’s hard to imagine we will easily forget them.

Advances in neuroscience now offer great insight to the impact of trauma on the brain, mind and body and the long term effects that bearing witness to horror creates. While these images force us to question historical impact of war they also expose us to our current world situation and horrors still witnessed on a daily basis.

Darkness Reflected, a video, is a main focus point of the exhibition reflecting states of mind and physical journeys. It is a beautiful and engaging piece of work for two artists collaborating for the first time. Clever manipulation of recordings made within a hospital adds an eerie, surreal atmosphere to the projected images of ancient woodland and fleeting human presence.

Chris and George have amassed quite a body of research here with work that is engaging, methodical and well presented and have indeed found insight and light in the darkest places. I recommend this exhibition.

Pauline McGee, Visual Artist

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