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Re-visioning PVAF


Following on from celebrating ten years as an organisation the committee has been discussing how we embrace the future given the current cultural landscape, our limited resources and the fact that PVAF is run by volunteers.

As a result of our discussion we are developing a proposal to present to members at the AGM in November. We would like to get your views on our draft proposal (see below) via a short survey (web link below) and we will take all your feedback into consideration as we shape a final proposal to present at the AGM for members to discuss and vote on. Draft proposal

  • A new mission statement - “Enable a creative environment that supports and nourishes an artists practice”
  • Renaming PVAF to Perthshire Visual Arts (PVA)
  • Charging a small membership fee
  • Asking members to re-join the organisation which will remain constituted as a charity
  • A focus on collaborations (such as Folds and Porticos); exhibition opportunities; workshops & Masterclasses; crit groups; partnerships and creative exchanges with creative partners
  • AS PVA we see ourselves as a grassroots organisation of professional and professionally orientated artists supportive of artists being independent in a non-funded practice. We also see the organisation as having the potential to be a critical friend in the wider cultural and creative landscape

To give us time to prepare for the AGM meeting, please give us your views by taking the survey by the end of October. If you would prefer to respond via email, please feel free to get in touch at

Please do take a few minutes to give us your opinions about the proposals, it really is a short survey and your responses will help greatly in shaping the future of PVAF. Thank you.

Link to survey:

PVAF Committee Meetings on the Road for Autumn 2016


Following on from our meeting at Create at NEST last weekend, PVAF continues on the road next month, taking its next meeting to The Watermill, Aberfeldy on Saturday 29th October 2.30 - 4ish

Come along and meet us, join us for tea and cake and find out more about PVAF's activities and plans..

Folds & Porticos Artists Postcards


Some of the postcards the artists created while on the Folds and Porticos walk have been uploaded and can be found  Here

The photographs of the 'Wool' collaboration and of the 'gift to the people of the glen' will be uploaded shortly.

Overall a great day and a thankfully dry one. Everyone producing interesting and varied work.
Glen Beanie is a small unassuming glen but offers an incredible amount on so many levels, you just have to look. The artists selected one of their cards to send to a friend, another journey.

Aileen Stackhouse who was on the walk (below foreground) has an entry on her Blog that can be found  Here

glen beanie artists © George Logan

Creative Scotland calls for action in its Arts Strategy


In its 2016 Arts Strategy, Creative Scotland calls for action to help artists sustain themselves throughout their careers.

Story intro: Here

Creative Scotland 2016 Arts StrategyHere

Artists being payed for exhibiting in Publicly funded galleries and exhibition spaces. Paying Artists campaign: Here

Preview at Create@NEST Saturday 20th August 2-4pm


The Orange Route of the Perthshire Open Studios art trail in September covers Blairgowrie and surrounding areas. We invite you to join artists of this route at Create@NEST, Blairgowrie's new arts and crafts venue in Reform Street. They will be showing a piece of their work and talk about their art practice.

Saturday, 20th August 2016 2 - 4pm Create@NEST, 30, Reform Street, Blairgowrie
RSVP / more information:

Hope for us all


An interesting article on ArtnewsHERE

On how forgotten artists are being rediscovered by the art market and galleries.

"In May, the painter Carmen Herrera surveyed her first US solo show in a decade at New York’s Lisson Gallery and wept with joy. She had ample reason to. Besides being represented by one of the world’s most important galleries, she had canvases on view in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Hirshhorn, the Tate, as well as an upcoming retrospective at the Whitney (opening September 16).
Not bad for a 101-year-old emerging artist—who sold her first painting at the age of 89."

Folds and Porticos - Glen Beanie 31 July 2016


Following on from a very successful artist walk last year and subsequent exhibited work we are again repeating the walk but with some variations.

This year we will still be focusing upon the concept of transhumance to the shieling summer grazing grounds, while reflecting also on the Grand Tour to Italy that took place over a similar period. Our part will be to embrace the act of walking, encountering and of discovery.

Our walk, our ‘tour’ this year, will have some interesting variations from last. We will still have the contrast between the simple fundamental life of the subsistence farmers, whose life and existence was so tuned and rooted to the landscape, and those on the grand tour who sought new landscapes and experiences.

The grand tourists brought back cultures that became transformative to our lives today, from art to architecture. Developing into a cultural complexity and sophistication that has gone some way in removing our lives from the land that sustains and which many now are re discovering as visually enhancing and environmentally significant to understand. A significance that the pastoral farmers and their own culture knew so well.

The walk will embrace our own individual reflections on the landscape encountered, also collaboratively specific art practices and performances that will be revealed on the day.

The walk is in Glen Beanie, an offshoot of Glen Isla, a beautiful small glen that offers many possibilities to artists. The walk will be to folds, shieling huts, an amazing boundary wall and hut circles. Mostly on a track but we will cross some rough grazing and heather, also a small generally easy to cross stream. The distance to the fold, our main destination is 1.87 miles.

For the artist there are many possibilities to be creative but we hope that people will experiment and embrace other means of representation.

Details of last year's walk can be found here:
More specific details for this year’s walk will be provided once people sign up.

If you are interested in taking part or for more information please contact

George Logan

Sea stacks and boulder walls - a review of 'Remains in the Landscape' at Birnam Arts


I recently visited Clare Yarrington and Pauline McGee's joint show and found a strongly graphic and cohesive exploration and celebration of natural and manmade forms in the landscape. Subjects range from standing stones, sea stacks and archaeological remains to boundary walls, fjords, and mountain landscapes, with both artists at times tackling similar subjects but in different ways.

Pauline's work, mostly in mixed media, is robust and tactile. From solid, weighty stone boulder walls with quartz like glitters, dark and atmospheric towering fjord landscapes and viaducts to the finely drawn branches of an ancient Scots pine. Monolithic structures stand up close and fill the picture plane with rugged heft and sometimes surprising detail. Recent travels to Morocco show their influence too in smaller jewel-like interiors and views and artist books dense with colour and texture. I was particularly drawn to 'Orswag' a precipitous fjord side mountain piece in moody dark charcoal which evokes a sense of looming scale. Pauline's work is immediate, passionate and playful.

Clare collages her own printed and drawn material to create intricate pieces that can describe a landscape marching with obelisks, sea stacks and dense with minute and exquisite detail as in 'Procession', to the airy hilltops of 'Wandering' which invites the eye to roam across and into high spaces and indeterminacy. Quieter contemplative pastels focus on individual features of moorland and coast in subtle and subdued colour and other collages move us through the patterns and traces of hill tracks and bike trails. We get to experience the heat of Mediterranean olive groves and archaeological sites too, where detail is bleached away by the hot sun. Clare celebrates and shares her in-depth knowledge and experience of the landscape through her inventive and exploratory yet fine work.

The exhibition is well worth a visit, is open daily from 10-5pm and runs until 29th June at Birnam Arts

Review by Mary Golden

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