Forthcoming PVAF & Local Events

We're developing a range of opportunities and events and are also keen to promote relevant local events through social media.  Please let us know if you have a workshop to offer our members or an event you would think would be of interest.

Sunday 19th November 2017AGM - 1pm - 4pm
The PVAF AGM is open to everyone and is a great opportunity to come along and see what being part of Perthshire Visual Arts Forum is all about. This year the AGM will include an exhibition of the various events and opportunities PVAF have been involved with over the past year. It is also a chance to meet other like minded artists and hear from some of the current members about how to get involved. 
Saturday 9th November 2017One-day Workshop with Susie Wilson, £42 including lunch, 10am - 4.30pm
Join us for this one-day workshop with artist-bookmaker, bookbinder and printmaker, Susie Wilson. Using her considerable expertise and experience, she will guide us through various techniques of sewing and folding pages, to produce a series of simple sketchbooks. The book structures taught can be made cheaply and can be used as a sketchbook or journal. At the end of the workshop you will have created your own little piece of art and have plenty of ideas for future projects!
This is a return visit for Susie, who has led very enjoyable and productive workshops previously - you can read more about these on the PVAF website.
Price includes lunch, however places are limited, so book early here
Saturday 7th October 2017 

One day life drawing workshop with Luisa Ramazzotti 9.30am to 4pm
£40 - Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please bring your own lunch. Tea/Coffee available all day.
During this one day workshop Luisa will introduce exercises which will help you develop a deeper connection between your eye and your hand together with other intuitive drawing techniques. These will give you confidence, maybe re-ignite a forgotten passion, and provide you with a more meaningful and useful way of using drawing to enrich your practice.
Please send a cheque (made out to PVAF )with your name, email address and the course title written on the back to Chris Partridge, 26C Melville Street, Perth, PH1 5PY
Friday 22nd September 2017PVAF Forward: Perth Museum 6pm - 9pm
Join us for an evening of art, discussion and networking. Celebrating the end of our first sketchbook circle, this members-only exhibition showcases the diverse sketchbooks created by members who took part in this 6 month long exchange. This pop-up, one night only, free exhibition will also look forward to the next twelve months of PVAF and the many opportunities ahead including the launch of the next round of our sketchbook circle.
To book please follow this link to eventbrite, this opportunity is free but booking is essential.
Saturday 2nd - Saturday 30th SeptemberRemains in the Landscape
Make sure you pop along to Fair Maid's House to see PVAF members Pauline Magee and Clare Yarrington's stunning exhibition Remains in the Landscape. This unique venue has limited opening times so be sure to check before you go. Meet the artists this Saturday, 16th September.

Sunday 20th AugustFolds & Porticos III

Following on from the previous two very successful years on our transhumance / Grand Tour artists walk and collaboration, we are looking to our third and possibly last. This walk will be an even more adventurous and interesting experience.

This year we will follow the same route to the shieling grounds and folds but as part of the walk and collaboration we will be joined by two further artistic practices to collaborate and experiment with. These being music and dance, led by contemporary artists Anna Olafsson and Tricia Anderson. Painting and drawing shall also still play a part, in some form as before.

There is no need to be musical or into dance (arabesques, brisé and or batterie et al will NOT be the order of the day) rather just a willingness to be open to ideas, to experimentation and to how contemporary art forms can interpret the landscape, that might influence your work in the future, or even just participating and sharing ideas as a fun day experience.

The location is the same (to be confirmed), Glen Beanie off Glen Isla. Walking distance is 1.87 mis to the first fold, part on track and the rest on rough grazing ground, with one small stream to cross.

For more information about this opportunity email booking is available here via eventbrite. 
5th - 29th August 2017

Exhibition - Remains in the Landscape: Pauline McGee and Clare Yarrington
The Line Gallery
Please join us for an exhibition preview from 2.00 to 4.00 pm on Saturday August 5th. Everyone will be very welcome
This exhibition explores the cycle of creation and destruction evident in the landscape. Pauline and Clare are fascinated by the striking visual remains of man-made structures that are slowly being reclaimed by the natural world and by the formations of nature that are continually being shaped by the elements.

On show will be a range of work such as drawings of Nairn Viaduct and Wester Ross hut circles and mixed media pieces inspired by the dry stone walls of Glen Isla and prehistoric standing stones. 2017 is the Scottish Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology and this exhibition highlights some of the wonderful sites in Scotland such as the West Lothian prehistoric burial site of Cairnpapple Hill. In addition both Clare and Pauline have made new works for the Line Gallery exhibition inspired by nearby Cockleroy Hill. 
Friday 2nd June - Monday 31st July
(Opens Sunday 4th June 2pm - 4pm)
Exhibition - Birnam Arts
Stanley Artists are a diverse group of eleven artists who live in and around the village of Stanley, Perthshire, influenced by their Scottish environment and passionate about their work. Between them, they cover a wide variety of disciplines with an equally wide range of experiences. Some of the group members’ works hang in a number of prestigious galleries throughout Britain, with some artists exhibiting in the Royal Academy, London; the artists also exhibit every year in Perthshire Open Studios.
Saturday 26th
November 2016          
AGM 1- 4.30pm at Birnam Arts, Dunkeld

You are warmly invited to join us for the PVAF AGM This is your opportunity to meet fellow artists and members and to be part of shaping the future of PVAF as an organisation created by and for its members. We will be discussing the future of PVAF and voting on the new proposal.
If you haven't had the chance to do the survey yet, there's still time! Go to
It will also be a chance to hear more about Perth’s City of Culture bid and to be part of the discussion on how PVAF could respond to this opportunity.

Meeting Agenda/timetable

1.00pm Welcome
1.10pm Chair's report
1.30pm Re-visioning PVAF - online survey results and final proposal, discussion and
voting on final proposal
2.15pm Collaborative Working - a chance to hear from some PVAF artists about
their experience of collaboration on a project/artwork
2.45pm Break and networking
3.10pm Perth City of Culture bid - an interactive discussion on how PVAF wishes
to respond to this opportunity
3.50pm Finance Report
4.00pm Committee retention and election
4.30pm Finish

Saturday 29th
October 2016
Following on from our meeting at Create at NEST last weekend, PVAF continues on the road next month, taking its next meeting to The Watermill, Aberfeldy on Saturday 29th October 2.30 - 4ish.
Come along and meet us, join us for tea and cake and find out more about PVAF's activities and plans..
Sunday 18th
September 2016
Another Way of Seeing with George Logan
Creative Photography: more than just pressing a button
Sunday 18th September 2016 Birnam Arts 10 - 4pm
This workshop/discussion led by George Logan looked at the range of image making through creative photography, aiming to broaden an understanding that people may have had about photography as an art form.  (Review coming soon)

Previous events

Folds & Porticos III - August 2017

Have a look at some video from the day here

Folds & Porticos III was yet again a very successful and illuminating day with contributions and collaborations from Musicians; Anna Olafsson and Kyle Howie and also from Dance/Performance artist Tricia Anderson. Bringing to the day how other art forms can heighten our perceptions of a landscape.

Looking and interacting with the Scottish landscape was at the forefront built on the concept of walking and journey by the subsistence farmers and those on the 'Grand Tour'. That there is always something behind and beyond the things we see. Even within a small unassuming Scottish glen.

The weather was unexpectedly kind with lovely sunshine but sadly it was also kind to midges that joined us for the second half of the day and made a joyful experience in the landscape less so:( Midge nets, pipe smokers and sprayers with copious citronella next time.

This form of group, collaborative creativity, working within the landscape with different media holds lots for future possibilities. Folds & Porticos IV ??

'Thanks everyone for a brilliant day! And esp George for organising it all.' Anna Olafsson

' was a fabulous day and thank you for letting me and my chum Emma come along. It has given me lots of ideas for artist led walks... ' Clare Cooper

Another Way of Seeing  Creative photography: more than just pressing a button with George Logan September 2016

What could be the best possible way to spend a beautiful autumn day in Birnam, Perthshire?

A group of PVAF members found out by spending a peaceful, relaxing and paced day ‘learning though looking ‘at the milestones of 20th & 21st century creative photography. To do this we were encouraged to handle and to evaluate our personal choices from a wide range of high quality photography books. Just a sample from George Logan’s personal collection, the best of photography from Adams to Szarkowski*

“It isn’t just what a picture is of, it is what it is about “*

The group of twelve were encouraged by George to pick out the one book that ‘spoke to them’ to experience and evaluate the tactile nature of their choice of book; the content and artistic quality of the mainly black & white imagery; paper & typography - ending with the impact that the cover had in conveying the photographer’s message.
George gently guided us through both the philosophical and technical processes that underpinned these creative results. Proving that photography had a deserved place, as a medium in its own right, within contemporary artistic practice. That really was as the workshops subtitle suggested

“more than just pressing button”

The unexpected highlight of the day was the unfolding of a concertina book that we opened up fully, for the very first time, to fill the large room. This ‘unfolding ‘provoked a response in everyone as the book was an exquisite example of black and white photography and 21st century book production 'Unnamed Road' by Jungjin Lee. It was a veritable’ work of art ‘.
Informed and enthused by the morning session, after lunch reinvigorated, everyone dispersed around Birnam to experiment with their own cameras and tablets by ‘looking with fresh eyes’ at the familiar. Returning back to the institute, after an hour, to evaluate the results under the mentoring and guidance of George. This process, as it evolved, stimulated both individual and group conversation and discussions, connections were made.

There was definite sense, at the end of the workshop, that each artist would now be considering the renewed potential that creative photography could have for incorporation into their personal practice.

Folds and Porticos - Back to Glen Beanie 2016

Overall a great day and a thankfully dry one. Everyone producing interesting and varied work. Glen Beanie is a small unassuming glen but offers an incredible amount on so many levels, you just have to look. Go to news page for links to images of participants postcards made on the day.

Aileen Stackhouse who was on the walk (below foreground) has an entry on her Blog that can be found Here

Cyan Clay Workshop June 2106

Pvaf members attended a one day workshop at the bright, inspiring and well equipped ceramic studio of Cyan Clay in Edinburgh. Fiona and Chris, partners in clay crime, demonstrated the techniques of hand building through the technique of coil construction and wheel throwing. They were highly knowledgeable and very supportive of us experimenting, exploring the possibilities, playing and just having good fun with the clay. It was a little daunting when tackling the potters wheel with our initial attempts at throwing, but with Chris's guidance there wasn't a wobbly pot in sight. It was a satisfying process and very zen. Fiona let us loose on a wide variety of mark making tools, slips and ceramic inks to decorate our various coil built constructions. We painted, mono printed, texturised, dribbled and sculpted our creations. There was a wonderful freedom in considering the 3D surface. It was a full on busy day and we were all surprised as to the level of creativity and cannot wait to see the magical alchemy of our works being fired in the kiln.

Libby Scott

Artist's Books Workshop May 2016

The recent workshop with Susie Wilson, artist-bookmaker, bookbinder and printmaker was an exhilarating weekend. Beginning with a selection of construction techniques that let us all begin to grow in confidence, we swiftly moved on to markmaking with line, colour, pattern all being explored as each of us chose from an enticing and very generous variety of materials. This is surely art as it should be taught! It allowed us to be productive, selective, creative...and immersed and happy. We stormed through the first day with several little booklets and folds to ponder on and develop, and it was a thrill. The next day just pushed us that one step further- we could choose from an entire box of beautiful examples of bookmakers' work, and most of us chose to work on a very elaborate, complex book format: a concertina pocket-book, with hidden pull-out pockets. No dumbing-down for us...and we laughed and sighed as we strove to encompass the intricacies of this book. What a super packed weekend and, like small children, we went home with our treasures in our hand, pleased as punch (with improvements on our prototypes in mind!).
Thank you Susie for such a fulfilling workshop.

Julie Goring

10+ Exhibition Opening -  Birnam Arts 3rd October 2015

A steady stream of visitors came along to the opening of the 10+ pvaf members exhibition at Birnam Institute on Saturday 3rd October. As well as the specifically made artwork for the exhibition in its 10"x 10" format, sketchbooks and information about the Folds and Porticos artists collaboration are also on display. Positive feedback has already been received for this visually exciting show which is on until after the Forum on November 7th.

Folds and Porticos an artists collaboration - Glen Beanie 23 July 2015

© George Logan/pvaf.beanie

A group of like minded people spent a wonderful day walking, sketching, talking and reflecting in beautiful Glen Beanie. Led by George Logan we set out informed and mindful of past lives where pastoral subsistence farmers moved livestock to the shielings or summer grazing grounds. They had a connection and knowledge of the land that can be barely imagined by us now and the remains of shielings leave little evidence of their existence, their hardships or joys.

As we walked we were also reminded that parallel lives and alternative journey's were being made across Europe through the ‘Grand Tour’ where quality of Inns, food, music, art and making connections was the order of the day. Stops throughout our walk for sketching, recording and appreciating the landscape were interspersed with readings from an early 19th century guide to the ‘Grand Tour’, emphasising the luxuries and hardships of these parallel ways of living.

© George Logan/pvaf. beanie

Conversations on route to the shielings reflected on terrain, boulder shelters, landmarks, streams and crossings with all senses engaged with weather, smells, sound and minuscule detail. We thought of the men, women, children and animals that had covered this terrain for survival reasons and how all of these details would have been invested with attention and meaning. Impromptu snippets of songs and poems from our group probably also took place amongst the farmers and children adding some light and optimism to their journey.

A shared lunch sitting in the middle of a shieling was thankfully rain free and we appreciated that whatever hardships the dwellers endured their choice of residence had blessed them with the most wonderful view of the glen. Meanwhile 18th century Italian music was played and acted as a rather surreal counterpoint to the landscape.

© george Logan/pvaf.beanie

Thanks to George’s knowledge of this landscape and methodical research we were offered understanding and insight to a way of life that’s almost forgotten and to the detail of folds and shielings which entailed such great labour and precision that they might outlast us all.

A soaking on the way out of the glen was not grudged knowing we were returning to warm houses, good food and (topic of conversation at later stages) wine! (Italian of course).

The sketch books handmade by Chris and George, recordings, photographs and video will be collated to form a future PVAF exhibition or instillation.


Gallery of images from the day (to be completed):  HERE

Artists' Film and Video   May 10th

‘In the past I thought all the important things were far from me. . .but my beautiful things are already here’ Lee Kang Hyo

Su Grierson invited PVAF members to her own home for an informal screening of film and video she had selected to mark the tenth anniversary of PVAF’s existence. The works are from her eclectic personal collection built up over the years from different places throughout her travels as a practising artist. It is characteristic of Su’s generosity and commitment to contemporary art that she is willing to continue backing PVAF as well as being involved in many other related activities.

I always enjoy events where genuine discussion is welcomed and people feel able to join in with other artists and I think the setting of such an event within someone’s personal space lends extra meaning. Lively conversations followed each screening and were primarily concerned with the why and how of the artists’ approach and methods. Works included examples of 16mm film as well as video and digital, collaborative and solo, works dealing with social, cultural and political issues, abstract and representational, relationships between image and sound, landscape, the domestic and the passage of time. The day ended with an extended meditation about artistic practice by the South Korean potter Lee Kang-Hyo produced by Goldmark films. We watched as he created the Ongii pots that he is famous for worldwide in his studio and home. Although this was important because it showed us the intense physicality required in his work, what was more striking was how honest he was about the ups and downs experienced by any artist, how being an artist is a life-long work in progress which involves everyone that they know personally. Lee Hang-Hyo did not shy away from talking about the self-questioning and depression experienced by him as well as the positives. We were taken into his home and introduced to his wife and daughter who are artists as well and are deeply involved in his creativity. The film finished with a joyous sequence of him glazing one of his Ongii pots that was as big as him, the freedom of his movement as he threw the colours using brushes, ladles and his hands was revelatory and provided an absolute contrast to the self-discipline necessary in the initial stages of their production. Accompanied by his choice of music in the studio we were witness to the intimacy existing between an artist’s hand, eye and body and the relationship with the object being made and the space it occupies. WATCH THIS FILM!!!

Out of the other films standouts for me were, in no particular order; Temple Garden, by Modulate – a vibrant and expanding geometric patterning of vivid colours interwoven with glimpses of foliage sound tracked by a complex composition including bells and droning which was overwhelming and beautiful; Fingering, by Samantha Clarke- a fixed shot of a washing line with two vinyl semi-transparent gloves pegged to it that were blowing in the wind. The fixed shot meant that they were not always totally visible, and the varying speed of the wind meant their movements were sometimes languid and occasionally frenetic. The soundtrack was someone playing a piano piece by Bach???? The playing was tentative and intermittently halting and for me added a sense of pathos rooted in the place between the domestic and the time to practice art; Endless Column by Sophie Eagles- again a fixed shot, this time of a deserted road in the middle of nowhere with a reproduction of Brancusi’s Endless Column. As we watched the column disintegrated down onto the road and was then reconstructed repeatedly. The surprise was that the column was not a simple animation pasted onto a photograph but an actual sculpture. Sophie Eagles used a cherry picker lorry to rebuild the column and then waited to film its demise- which was different each time according to which way the wind was blowing. When Su told us this I was filled with respect for the artist’s thinking, first the idea and then the mechanics of its manifestation followed by its transfer into the virtual – the animation. What is she saying about art, art history, artists and the things that they do? And finally I am going- by Josef Robachowski.

image © george Logan

image © George Logan

Artists Film and Video at Balgowan Farm

A great day of layers! First layer was the buzz of friends and people of like artistic minds meeting, swapping ideas, addresses and technical know- how. Next layer, was the delicious lunch served in Su's airy, spacious dining area, with comfortable ease and quiet efficiency. Last and certainly not the least layer, was the video work, selected with care and thought by Su, the contributions of many devoted artists, from different parts of the world, with due attention paid to contrasting styles and philosophical insight. I especially enjoyed Samantha Clarke's "Fingering" which arrested my sense of what I thought was to be perfect and how I saw myself clinging to perfection only to have it thwarted when I least expected it. The last piece, by the Korean potter, Lee Kang-Hyo, illustrated a penetrating journey of discovery into his life, which he admitted often worked against his own lust for perfection. His final dance which I called "Homage to a pot" held my attention right to the final slap of paint, even although I had longed for him to stop earlier in case the the whole mix turned to sludge!
Rosemary Bassett

(All videos and films shown were from Su Grierson's personal collection)

Photography Workshop with George Logan, North Inch Campus, Perth

Huge thanks to George for a very informative and engaging photography workshop held on Saturday. Exposure settings, lighting, photo editing software, image file management and some great tips and still loads to learn .. part 2? Highlights for me were the use of a mid grey square for exposure balance, learning about 'raw' and 'tiff' files, tips on how to take pictures of glass-framed work and the idea of placing hard to photograph pieces in a natural setting. There will be another chance to take advantage of this excellent opportunity as George will be delivering 
another workshop on 23rd May in Voluntary Arts Week. More details nearer the time.

PVAF Exhibition Endings at Strathearn Artspace, Crieff

strathearn opening © George LoganThe opening of PVAF member’s art exhibition on Saturday evening 6th December was a warm, colourful, inviting event with artists, families and friends in attendance.
David Campbell, Artspace manager, worked hard with a selection committee, to ensure there was a wide range of art media on display which encompassed the subject of Endings and was representative of the quality of PVAF artists.
Although turn around for organisation of the exhibition and opening was short, due to our search for a suitable venue, David worked hard alongside PVAF committee members in setting up the space, hanging and labelling works right up to the last minute. We are extremely grateful for his curating skills in bringing the show together, his welcoming speech and for being an excellent host at the opening.
PVAF Chairperson Chris Partridge also welcomed everyone to the opening extending grateful thanks to David and TomBarron, Strathearn Art Space Trustee, for offering PVAF this opportunity and bringing the show together so quickly.
Chris offered an overview of PVAF for the exhibition visitors and thanked artists for submitting a diverse display of work, in response to the word ‘Endings’. PVAF committee members were thanked for assistance with hanging, labelling and organisation of the opening event.
Importantly Chris gave mention to those attending who were not exhibiting artists stressing that art requires an audience and hoped they would enjoy the show.
Pauline McGee

Endings will be on show at Strathearn Art Space, Crieff until 23rd January 2015. 

Gallery of Images (© George Logan & Ian Hardie) - HERE

Master Class with Eleanor White - 4th & 5th October 2014

Expressive mark making observation to abstraction

“A day without drawing is a day wasted”, Antony Gormley

pvaf masterclass © Pauleen McGee

This fully booked master class provided a stimulating and inspirational weekend with opportunities for review, reflection, risk taking and experimentation.
Eleanor provided a table full of wonderful natural and handmade objects with a huge variety of colour, texture, shape and form to work from. A short slide talk introduced images from a range of artists which challenged any fixed ideas about drawing and how we look at and investigate objects.
Sheets of blank white paper were then torn, shredded and reformed to provide us with an irregular, textured and unfamiliar shape to work on and a variety of drawing materials encouraged us to cover surfaces with marks which layered, revealed, scratched, roughened and smoothed the paper.
We worked for the whole of the first day on one image changing angles of the paper and views of our chosen object which produced fantastic surface textures and offered the luxury of truly getting to know, see and sense an object in its entirety.
Eleanor spent individual time with all of us, offering encouragement and suggestions for change and risk taking which enabled us to break away from fixed ways of working or set notions of what we should be doing.
It was amazing to see how much everyone’s work changed and abstracted form as the day progressed and energy and vitality in the room was such a great part of the whole experience.
On day two we started a new art work with another object to focus on. We worked with colour and scale and really got into detail of surface texture, noting the process of change and physicality of materials.
We had time at the end of both days to display a mini exhibition and have group feedback on the work and importantly share what we had individually learned from the process. The only down side that two days passed far too quickly but participants are now looking forward to the next master class and taking their inspiration, motivation and ideas further.
It was brilliant to meet and spend time with a great bunch of enthusiastic artists and thanks are extended from us all to Eleanor White for this two day event. -  Pauline

Gallery of Images - HERE

Drawing outdoors together.
Crieff  28 June 2014.

Four of us met at the Strathearn Artspace in Crieff for Saturday's drawing day. 
We had a very interesting meeting with project leader David Campbell who told us all about 
the centre's history and development, events held there and plans for the future of the venue. 
We also discussed the possibility of holding a PVAF exhibition there. There was time to view the
excellent Sally Gatie exhibition on at the time before heading to the loft for lunch.
Admittedly not masses of drawing got done but the day was very interesting and informative.

For more info go to  Strathearn Artspace here or on our contact/link page. - Chris

Drawing outdoors together. 
Blairgowrie 17 May 2014.

kay drawing © george loganThe meeting place was Bradberry's Café in Blairgowrie at 11am, however only a small group consisting of Kay Hood, George Logan and Aileen Stackhouse arrived to sample the delicious cakes/bacon rolls/coffee. Kay and Aileen then headed off towards the river armed with sketchbooks and paints, and George, as usual armed with his camera, headed in the direction of Kirk Wynd and the old Hill Church. Later when all our paths crossed briefly George took some "action shots " of Kay and Aileen drawing and we arranged to meet up at 3 at Kay's house for more coffee and to compare work. Some interesting pieces had been produced, despite the slightly chilly weather, and we all look forward with anticipation to the next Drawing Outdoors day. - Kay

Drawing outdoors together. 
Birnam 12 April 2014.

June and Pauline , Birnam oak © george LoganThe sun shone for us as we met together at Birnam Arts Centre and after a coffee and quick snack the group headed in various directions armed with great little hand drawn maps provided by Mary’s husband.
Birnam is a beautiful area with visual stimulation in abundance from new tiny patches of woodland flowers lining the fast flowing river to the ancient grandeur of the Birnam Oak and its neighbouring Sycamore.
Meeting other artists, having time to chat and share ideas is an important aspect of the sketching days and as we work with a variety of medium it’s an opportunity to appreciate others perspective, ways of looking and recording what’s in front of us.
With ipad, sketch books and cameras, June, George and myself headed along the river path into Dunkeld where a visit to the gallery, Cathedral and lunch became part of our agenda.
Meeting back at the Art Centre the sun was still shining, everyone was buzzing with ideas sharing sketches, photographs, samples of found objects and enthusiastic about progressing ideas.Thanks to everyone who shared an inspiring and lovely day and I’m looking forward to meeting you all and others on a forthcoming sketching day. - Pauline

Drawing outdoors together.
Perth 22 March 2014.

Mary Golden drawing © george LoganOur first Drawing Outdoors Day met in Perth on 22nd March. It wasn’t raining and despite the cold we went over the old bridge and found various sites for working, some in the old graveyard, under the railway bridge and in the Hat in the Cat textile studio (not strictly outside but we let her off…).
Meeting back in the café we had the chance to share experiences and get a bowl of hot soup. It was a great opportunity to get to know other artists living locally and get some drawing done at the same time. -  Mary 


June drawing © George Logan

A day spent wandering through the beauty that is Birnam and Dunkeld. Armed with sketch pad and pencil's trying to capture on paper the surrounding amphitheatre of wildlife and ancient oaks. I was inspired to witness a group of like minded artists sharing what the day of drawing in the countryside had brought to fruition. - June